Class of 2022

2021-2022 CPCM Scholars: (top, left to right): Chun-Chin Chen, Angela Ahn, Matt Henley; (bottom, left to right): Jason Yu, Johny Chen

  • Ryuhjin (Angela) Ahn, White Lab: Using phosphoproteomics, systems and molecular biology approaches, Ryuhjin seeks to understand the balance between pro- and anti-tumorigenic immune responses that are regulated by the interplay of microglia and brain cancer.
  • Chun-Chin Chen, Hemann Lab: Chun-Chin studies the role of genome instability in blood cancer, focusing in particular on the leukemia susceptibility in children with Down syndrome.
  • Jung-Kuei (Johny) Chen, Yaffe Lab: Johny’s research aims to decipher the molecular mechanism and signaling in DNA/RNA damage responses, with the goal of identifying diagnostic and therapeutic targets for cancer treatment.
  • Matthew Henley, Koehler Lab: Matthew is interested in the development of proteolysis targeting chimaeras (PROTACs) for the "undruggable" transcription factor PAX3-FOXO1 in rhabdomyosarcoma, a devastating childhood cancer with poor survival rates.
  • Jason Yu, Manalis Lab: In his research, Jason seeks to understand how biophysical properties change immune cell activation and differentiation in tumors.