Class of 2023

2022-2023 CPCM Scholars (left to right): Andrea Casiraghi, Keith Eidell, Sophie Herbst, Malte Roerden


  • Andrea Casiraghi, Koehler Lab: Employing high-throughput drug screening methods and cheminformatics, Andrea evaluates new probe compounds to uncover therapeutic targets and genetic dependencies of gastric cancer and small-cell lung carcinoma, as well as transporters involved in nanoparticle delivery.
  • Keith Eidell, Hemann Lab: Following a genome-wide screen in leukemia models that identified regulators of cellular immunotherapy response, Keith seeks to elucidate the mechanistic role of the cytoskeleton in resisting emerging treatment paradigms for leukemia, such as CAR-T-based therapy, and how to re-sensitize cancer cells to these modalities.
  • Sophie Herbst, White Lab:  Integrating clinical data with phosphoproteomics on patient tumor samples, Sophie seeks to understand broad signaling changes and predict new and effective therapeutic targets from computational approaches, such as machine-learning.   
  • Malte Roerden, Spranger Lab: As a physician trained in hematology and oncology, Malte characterizes key determinants of cancer immunotherapy response with hopes of applying new therapeutic insights into the clinic.