2018 Precision Cancer Medicine Symposium


Over the past decade, there have been major advancements in the field of precision medicine, leading to exciting new treatments for some cancer patients. Much attention has been focused on genomic profiling of tumors to identify genomic alterations that might guide selection of specific therapies for individual patients. Beyond genomics, however, there is a variety of other precision approaches that can identify and exploit cancer-specific biological mechanisms including proteomics, metabolomics, and computational modeling, resulting in the more effective use of existing cancer medicines. On Thursday, December 13, 2018, the MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine will hold its inaugural annual symposium in the Samberg Conference Center at MIT. This full-day event will feature leading researchers and clinicians, who will highlight recent advances in precision cancer medicine and share perspectives on the future. An industry panel will also discuss the barriers to instituting precision medicine into current and future clinical trials.

Eventbrite - MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine Inaugural Symposium

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Keynote Address

Charles Sawyers

Lineage Plasticity in Prostate Cancer

Charles Sawyers, MD

Chair, Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Andrea Califano

A Mechanistic Framework for the Systematic Pharmacological Targeting of Non-Oncogene Dependencies: Towards a More “Precise” Implementation of Precision Oncology

Andrea Califano, PhD

Clyde and Helen Wu Professor of Chemical Systems Biology, Columbia University
Chair, Department of Systems Biology, Columbia University
Director, JP Sulzberger Columbia Genome Center
Associate Director, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

Chris Love

Advancing Technologies for Discovery and Production in Precision Medicine

J. Christopher Love, PhD

Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT
Associate Member, Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard
Member, Koch Institute, MIT

Richard Marais

Precision Medicine in Melanoma: Are We There Yet?

Richard Marais, PhD

Professor of Molecular Oncology
Director, CRUK Manchester Institute

The University of Manchester

Kenna Mills Shaw

Precision Cancer Medicine: Neither Silver Bullet Nor an Illusion 

Kenna Mills Shaw, PhD

Executive Director
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nahyan Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy
MD Anderson Cancer Center

Alice Shaw

Evolution of Drug Resistance in Oncogene-Driven Lung Cancer

Alice Shaw, MD, PhD

Professor, Harvard Medical School
Director, Thoracic Cancer Program, Massachusetts General Hospital

Matt Vander Heiden

Targeting Metabolism in Cancer

Matthew Vander Heiden, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology, MIT
Associate Director, Koch Institute
Member, MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine

Mike Yaffe

Using Systems Biology of DNA-damage Signaling to Improve Cancer Treatment

Michael B. Yaffe, MD, PhD

David H. Koch Professor of Science, MIT
Professor of Biology and Biological Engineering, MIT
Director, MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine
Director, Koch Institute Clinical Investigator Program
Member, Koch Institute, MIT

Jean Zhao

Integrating Immunotherapy and Targeted Therapies in Cancer Treatment: From Mouse Models to Human Therapies

Jean Zhao, PhD

Professor of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Panelists: Barriers to Instituting Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials


Peter Hammerman, MD, PhD

Global Head, Translational Research
Oncology Disease Area
Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research


Steffan N. Ho, MD, PhD

Vice President, Head of Translational Oncology
Pfizer Global Product Development

Shiva Malek

Shiva Malek, PhD

Director and Principal Scientist
Department of Discovery Oncology
Genentech Inc


Kevin Marks, PhD

VP of Biology
Agios Pharmaceuticals

Michael Rothenberg

S. Michael Rothenberg, MD, PhD

Vice-President, Research and Development
Loxo Oncology, Inc.

Michael Rothenberg


Angela Koehler, PhD

Goldblith Career Development Professor in Applied Biology, MIT
Member, Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
Member, MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine



Eventbrite - MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine Inaugural Symposium

View Agenda


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